Mobile Notarypublic FAQ

California courts defines all state notaries in california, like mobile notary publics and notarial official document signer. And personal signing notary publics. Frequently often ask questions below

  • How do you define a Notary Public? ?
  • Notary Public is defined by the court as a "public ministerial officer" who acts as an agent on behalf of the state as a witness of notarial writing and signatures. Such an individual must reflect honesty and must be of good moral behavior. Their appointment is done by Secretary of State. They are charged with the responsibility of witness written agreements, act as a juror, and sign legal documents.
  • Why do documents need to be notarized?
  • This is done to counter any fraudulent act. The duty of an impartial witness (notary) is to ensure that the parties involved in the signing of legal document are not impostors. The notary ensures that each party is aware of agreement they are entering into.
  • What role does a signing agent play?
  • It will be stress on their side of our client to leave their work just to go sign some documents in a bank or title company. The job of Mobile Notary Public with expertise in loan execution is to meet with each party where it will be most convenient for them. Once you place a call to a signing agent, he or she will travel to your choice location and then get your loan papers signed.
  • Can all documents be notarized?
  • Below are the criteria a document must meet before it can be notarized
    1. Contain text that reflects commitment on the side of the signer
    2. Original (not photocopy) of the signers
    3. A notarial certificate which takes the form of an attachment

    The job of the Notary is to fill in all needed details to the certificate, after which it will be signed and then sealed with a seal of notarization.

  • How does a notary identify a signer?
  • The first thing a notary will require from a signer are identification documents like physical description, driver’s license which can be replaced with military passport, and a signature. Every signer will be mandated to present any of this documents; Valid Passport, State issued ID, and driver’s license. If none of this available, the signer will have to bring two persons with valid IDs that will sign on his/her behalf.
  • What are the required forms of identification needed for Notarization?
  • The valid form of identification include; Current California ID issued not later than 5 years, US military ID issued within the past 5 years, and Current Passport with INS stamping. If none of this available, the signer will have to bring two persons with valid IDs that will sign on his/her behalf.

  • Is a notarized document legal or true?
  • Not necessarily. The job of a notary is to ensure that documents that need to be signed are accurate, and also certifies the identity of the signers. The content of the document is the responsibility of the signer.
  • What are the available means of payment?
    1. Money Order
    2. Cash
    3. Check